Now, cat in all likelihood is gonna b same as and , what should i do? For example with an AIMCAT performance in the range of 60 percentile you. View AIMCAT (INVL) – July 30_ pdf from ECON at Delhi Technological University. 1. ‘I’.I.M.E. Triumphant Institute of Harassment. AIMCAT (P_P) – July 22_ pdf; Delhi Technological University; I; ECON AIMCAT (INVL) – September 24_ pdf; Delhi Technological.

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How to do the revision. A little higher wont hurt. Then go for the rest of the questions if you have time. Also, good reading will help you in your language in an overall manner. My consistency QA section has been a worry. For getting more variety of DI questions, take any 13033 DI set and make 3 more questions on your own.

While analyzing, I found out that 6 questions that went wrong in were just because of lack of concentration. I know confidence will help. Have not started yet. Do not solve the paper in a single iteration.

Without your noticing, it might inch to 3. Do not go with a fixed frame of mind.

SASTRA Deemed University

I would suggest that since you are relatively stronger in LR, start with LR. If you are a Differently Abled candidate and have requested for support during the test, please carry the copy of the authorisation of the support mailed to you by Prometric Important: How did you get a scor with out attempting it.


Otherwise, a few tough questions at the start of the paper could unsettle you. Write mocks taking the risks. It could be either of them. One way to overcome it is to ensure that even during home practice, you set strict time limits on yourself and solve questions in exam mode without breaks or disturbance. Regarding the next 25 days: Get into the complicated questions only once you are in control. I can devote 7 hrs daily for CAT preparation ramchandran: For instance, aimvat tournaments, if top 3 teams qualify to the next stage, Answer the entire set assuming that aimact top 2 qualify.

Even though my preparation has been good, my performance in aimcat has been very poor. Not possible to guess, for anyone. What do you mean? Most of the times clearing cutt-offs ramnath: Doing mocks, ironing out the weak areas and improving strengths in the strong areas might help. Which colleges can I consider applying? Prince, a comma is not necessary there as in that case, noadditional info is being added. You might find the answer yourself. You could leave out the handouts though. One must leave it for last.

[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT 1303 Discussion Thread (Please DON’T OPEN if you have not taken the test)

Most of the time I tend to leave a lot of questions that could have been answered easily. Do not try to draw these kind of conclusions, instead try to maximize number of attempts without compromising on the accuracy.

Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt.


Looking at raw scores is a misleading exercise. Your performance in the real exam will only be better than this, provided you do not panic and stay focused. Dear sir on my home page it is written there so i have forwarded my cat admit card but not got additional sectional test.??

Send a query through the b-school guidance tool on your SHP. I have around 30 months experience in IT industry.

AIMCAT 1013 discussion (Please do not open if you have not attempted the test)

Besides, these are the last few days. It is very much there, in the ‘Academic Inputs’ section. Feeling good is the key. VA–sometimes i get mad with those words!!!! You get my point.

And Is there any reason why so less students gave last three AImCAts as compared to the previous ones? Go topicwise and areaswise. I felt the LR group questions too difficult and wasted time without answering even a question. What is its cut off? U study hard, u will not fail. But 1033 get the ideas while I solve it after the exam.

Do not attempt CAT with a preconceived number of attempts in mind, try to maximize your attepts without compromising on the accuracy rate. I start everyday but get confused what to do and what not!!