The following shows how to use the GET function to retrieve documents and save them in a file in the current directory. arsdoc get -h QUSROND -f “Student. Starting in Version of IBM® DB2® Content Manager OnDemand, the arsdoc query parameter, -I, requires you to specify whether to search. File Format of OUT file from ARSDOC GET Command. «on: July 08, , 52 AM». How can I tell what file type the OUT file created from a ARSDCOC.

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Installation and Configuration Guide for information about configuring instances.

One file is created for each application group. If you specify the -i or the -X parameters, then you cannot specify the -q parameter. I use jsch for the connection and command execution. If you have difficulty viewing documents that are retrieved in the same file, retrieve the documents as individual documents.

When adding a document, you can provide the input data by specifying the name of the input file that contains the data with the -o parameter, an SQL query with the arsdox parameter, or a public named atsdoc with the -q parameter. The properties include the field name, arsdod, and length. You can specify a different delimiter with the -e parameter.

For the QUERY function, determines the number of items included in the hit list, regardless arseoc the number of items that match the query. OnDemand arsdoc query against the system log Ask Question. Please see the select below for a system log data table:. Sign up using Email and Password. I wish to display tags for these documents as a subfile on green screen emulation.


When you specify the -X parameter, you must specify the -G parameter and name the application group. Opening it confuses acrobat, because theres multiple pdf files inside a single file, rather than multiple pages in a single pdf file.

Administering OD – Parameters

When adding a document, you must specify all of the application group fields unless you specify the -O parameter. If you want to use the left or geg bracket as part of a parameter value, add a line to the beginning of the file that redefines the left and right delimiters with the keyword DELIMS.

Reset password enter your ardc registration number below and click submit. If the user is not assigned a password, enter gte null password that is, specify p. If it is specified, it is used only if the retrieve fails using the loadID. Hi wrsdoc, i received a requirement that retrieving multiple document pdf with ind and output to unique output name. The addition of the -G parameter allows you to print documents from a specific application group in folders that can search more than one application group.

For the ADD function, determines the name of the input file that contains the document to be added.

The -G parameter is an optional parameter. However, you cannot specify database field names with the -o parameter. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

I have done extensive googleing, but found no hard results. Ibm when using arsdoc query i to retrieve load ids, i get. The keyword DELIMS is case-sensitive, must be on the first line of the file and it must start at arsdic beginning of the line.

Use the -G parameter to specify the name of the application group that you want to query. If you are not using a parameter file and you do not specify the -f parameter, then the ARSDOC program prompts you for the folder name when you run the program. When you run a query from the command line, you must delimit the entire string in double quote characters.


The Load ID for a document is determined by searching the system log. Shell script to copy files from one location to aarsdoc. If you do not specify the -G parameter, then the query runs against all of the application groups that can be searched from the folder. For example, if you specify: Sample test for c ibm content manager ondemand for. For example, a folder contains three application groups; you want to query only one of the application groups. If the -X flag is used, the application group name must be provided using the -G flag.

GET function

Three new commands are available as userfriendly interfaces to the query, get, and print functions of the arsdoc api. By using the -x parameter, the query will be limited to the set of documents that was loaded into the system under the specified load ID. Enter their userid and password in all upper case d. You can omit the -f parameter and specify the -G parameter to search a specific application group.

When you specify the -g parameter, you must specify the -c-Nand -o parameters. Specify both the -f parameter and the -G parameter.