Tri-Stat dX is a great system, and I do like the adjustments they made against the standard that BESM set. However, in several areas I feel they either failed to. Super quick: I *think* that BESM is rather similar to a smaller product I enjoy, and shares the major mechanic–the “Tri-Stat” system. However. I was looking at a game over in the PBP forum, talking about these rules. Now, I’ ve got a copy of the Tri-stat and the d20 version, both the Stingy.

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The Skill Point cost of a Skill depends on the particular Skill and the campaign setting it is being used in. Tuesday, 3rd April, Combat Technique Special Movement. Any Character Points left over from buying Stat levels are used to buy Attributes for the character.

Sttat all mechanics in Tri-Stat dX use two dice of the same die type 2d6, 2d10, 2d20 etc. Depending on the Power Level of the campaign, these die types will be different. The task resolution mechanic is similar to the method used in GURPSwhere rolling lower than the target number is a success and rolling over it is a failure. The title alludes to the common anime drawing style of characters with huge, expressive eyes and comparatively small mouths.


Tri-Stat dX – Wikipedia

For instance, in a Medieval fantasy setting, skills for computers would not be available. Epic Spell Conversions, Part V. I logged in today just to give my answer on this topic. If their Health Points drop to the full negative amount of their Health Points they die. Views Read Edit View history.

Now, I’ve got a copy of the Tri-stat and the d20 version, both the Stingy Gamer version of the rules. The Lizard Warrior — a member of an exotic sentient dinosaur-like species from the far south — possesses impressive physical advantages, but has a hard time fitting into a more advanced society, a problem reflected in their automatic disadvantages, below. Besj making a Stat Check, a player must roll a total, with two dice, that is less than or equal to the value of the character’s Stat.

When X is referred to in a document, it refers to the dice size unless otherwise specified. Stxt with transhuman characters would use 2d8, and allow rolls up to Eric Moore Gates of Shadow: Mutants and Hesm, 2e or 3e. Simplified Swarm Telepathy Teleport. Combat can be seen as a bunch of contested actions made against particular adversaries, however the character uses their Attack Combat Value as the number they must roll equal to, or less than, to score successful attacks against the opposition.


Strands of Fate Thanks for the feedback. And it’s an extremely versatile system – you can pretty much play any kind of game in it, as long as it’s cinematic rather than gritty and down-to-earth.

Tri-Stat dX

I would also already like to say thanks to those in channel BESM on irc. Defects are the opposite of Attributes, and represent some kind of flaw or weakness in tru character. Especially because some of them should be represented by other things such as race or attributes.

Whenever a character needs to roll dice to dtat if they succeeded or failed at doing something, they must make a dice roll which randomly determines success or failure.

Life in Core III: Earthworks Federation-Apocalypse Session I am surprised no one else has offered any feedback. A Bes, changes when the specific events and places happen to change in the game.

BESM 3e tri-stat vs. If a character loses all their Health Points, they fall unconscious and are dying.

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