Editorial Reviews. Review. *** Snow White with a Vampire twist. ***. From the Author. Blood and Snow is a reinvented fairy tale told from the point of view of. RaShelle Workman is the author of reinvented fairytales and out of this world romance. Blood and Snow (Blood and Snow Omnibus) by RaShelle Workman – book cover, description, publication history.

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A personal dislike of mine was the character Cindy.

Blood and Snow Series by RaShelle Workman

The art is simple but nice to look at. This series follow’s Snow from the ages of 15 to 19 and you are able to see her adventure evolve, after all how many girls are chosen to be the body of a powerful Vampire Queen?

In addition to being so klutzy that Workman feels like she has to remind us so practically every other page seriously, it’s a wonder she survived toddlerhood and has not plunged headfirst down every single flight of stairs she’s ever encounteredSnow lives entirely by herself, in a house with an empty refrigerator and apparently no clothes of her own to speak of, since everything she wears ostensibly comes from the family of boys next door.

Maybe it’s just me.

rashelle | Blood and Snow World

If I were to pinpoint the main problem, it would probably be the protagonist being called Snow White in a non-fairytale setting.

She thought and acted as though she were a year-old girl. Shelve The Dark Moth Society. But there’s more to her than that I don’t have a problem with YA lit at all, which is what this rashwlle is, but from the first lines the characters were talking about sex dreams so I figured it’d be an adult book.


And there are so many other characters that Snow encountered through out her journey, that were equally interesting to this already intriguing cast. None of which makes any sense.

Blood and Snow 9-12

Others may enjoy this, but it just wasn’t for me. I thought Snow was okay, and I really like Gabe! Sophie married into a lie.

Snow White has always been a coming of age story, the girl blossoms into a beautiful woman. Read Currently Reading Want to Read. And of course Snow too.

Over all a 2. She is Sno RaShelle Workman is one of my favorite authors.

I hope to see more of her in book two. The Complete Set is a lengthy compilation of twelve novellas and a fun read; a contemporary paranormal romance based on the Snow White fairy tale, complete with Disney princesses. The compilation is a serie Background: Finally, there is Dorian, another one of Professor Pops ‘sons’. Bu I got this the other day from Amazon for free. All vampire action I got on the book was love bites on the neck!

May 03, Melanie Marsh rated it really liked it. Jul 21, Ariel Mathis rated it it was amazing Shelves: So, wrkman series is about Snow White who thinks she’s an ordinary human girl turning into the Vampire Queen. Three of her books have been translated into Turkish and several can be downloaded and enjoyed on audio.

Snow White is Marked by the Vampire Queen so she can take over a new body, and by the time she turns 16, she is bitten by a Hunter, becoming a revenant, a mix of human and vampire.


RaShelle Workman

But as the book went on it became more annoying than fun. So many typos in it for it starters.

It gave the book a shallow, plastic-y vibe to it, and I didn’t learn anything about the characters at all. Pros -Fast read -Decent writing -Interesting development through out the entire series -Lovely work,an who doesn’t love those brothers? May 11, Evey rated it really liked it Shelves: And Snow’s supposed to use it to restore balance to all magical creatures. It’s mentally Salem, Massachusetts is a place where magic is expected to happen.

While this makes the story a little bit more believable, it feels like Snow is a little bit too fickle. Blood and Snow snw a great retelling that was fun, exciting, compelling and unique at least, for me, anyway. We were able to really see how much her true love cared for her and how the others guys really weren’t right.

Blood and Snow got a slew of mixed reviews. Find her online by visiting her website at: He’s incredibly sweet, a complete gentleman, and not the man Lucy loves Created by Delight Games.