an alternative to the functional tolerances in Annex B, BS EN [1] does allow the use of BS EN ISO [4]; this is more likely to be used in cases of. International Standard ISO was prepared by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in collaboration with ISO Technical Committee TC Specifies general tolerances for linear and angular dimensions and for shape and position of welded structures in four classes, these being based on customary.

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Standards Australia is the body responsible for the development, maintenance and publication of Australian Standards.

Formes et positions Title in German Schweissen. BSI also holds the copyright, in the UK, of the publications of the international standardization bodies. This does not preclude the free use, in the course of implementing the standard, of necessary details such as symbols, and size, type or grade designations.

Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. Details and advice can be obtained from the Copyright Manager. General tolerances for welded constructions. Qualification test of welders — Fusion welding — Part 1: Skip to content Personal Growth.

BS EN ISO 焊接.焊接结构的通用公差.长度和角度尺寸.形状和位置 – MBA智库文档

Welding — General tolerances for welded governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in 19320 work. Instead of specifying individual tolerances the tolerance classes according to this standard may be used. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. General tolerances for welded constructions. Click to learn more. Welding — General tolerances for welded governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work.


Welding — Studs and ceramic ferrules for arc stud welding. Various BSI electronic sio services are also available which give details on all its products and services. Depending upon the degree of repetition and the fabrication methodology, trial erection of a particular span only iso bf be isp.

Users of British Standards are responsible for their correct application. Your basket is empty. The actual size of an angle shall be determined by applying suitable measuring devices tangentially to the weldment, but away from the zone immediately influenced by the weld. Customers who bought this product also bought BS EN The distances between the actual surface and the measuring plane shall be measured example see Figure 8.


Users can change the font in which the document is displayed and adjust the size from between 12 and 30 point. Recommendations for joint preparation. Welding — General tolerances for welded constructions — Dimensions for lengths and angles — Shape vs position. Range of nominal sizes l in mm relates to longer side of the surface Tolerance class Over 30 up to Over up to Over up to 1 Over 1 up to 2 Over 2 up to 4 Over 4 up to 8 Over 8 e to 12 Over 12 up to 16 Over 16 up to 20 Over 20 Tolerances t ido mm E 0,5 1 1,5 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 F 1 1,5 3 4,5 6 8 10 12 14 16 G 1,5 3 5,5 9 11 16 20 22 25 eb H 2,5 5 9 14 18 26 32 36 40 40 Figure 7 — Flatness test EN ISO If permission is granted, the terms may include royalty payments or a licensing agreement.


The specifications given in this standard are based on the principle of independency as specified in ISOaccording to which the dimensional and geometrical tolerances apply independently wn each other.

The potential difficulty associated with working to specified tolerances is the amount of checking required iso bf the fabrication factory.

For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporated in 1392 by amendment or revision. Index of main articles. Petroleum and natural gas industries — Pipeline ixo systems — Welding of pipelines. Users of British Standards should make sure that they possess the latest amendments or editions.

The deviation shall be derived ba the difference between the nominal size and the actual size. In this case, the reference point concerned shall be indicated on the drawing. The length of the leg may also be assumed to extend to a specified reference point. The faster, easier way to work with standards. This arises from the displacement of br bracing.

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. Covered electrodes for manual metal arc welding of non-alloy and fine grain steels. Welding — Electron and laser-beam welded joints — Guidance bs en iso quality level for imperfections — Part 2: