Request PDF on ResearchGate | Uso del cariograma en la determinación de niveles de riesgo de caries dental en escolares de una población. Cariogram is an educational program developed for better understanding of the multifactorial disease dental caries. It illustrates the “caries risk” and possible. Objectives: To assess the caries risk and contribution of diet, bacteria, circumstances and susceptibility sectors among special groups in.

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Additionally, it expresses the percentage of risk due to each aetiological factor and the total risk, calculated by adding together all the aetiological risks. Operatoria dental integracion clinica 4ta ed barrancos mooney p1. Methodology Data on variables of Cariogram model were congregated by means of an interviewer-administered questionnaire, clinical examination, collection of saliva and microbiological analysis.

Aim is to remove as little of natural tooth as possible while removing decay. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. Constantgroup, DMFT, streptococci count, plaque amount, lactobacilli count.

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The purpose of Wikipedia is to present facts, not to train. Articles from Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: We think you have liked this presentation. The dark blue sector, Diet, is based on a combination of content and frequency of intake.

It can be used as a guide in attempts to estimate caries risk. Deep pit and fissure. Swe Dent J Supp ; Pattern of dental caries in an adult rural population. A denhal manual in pdf form is available in english language adobe reader needed to read it.


Dentxl Privacy Policy Feedback. Caries prevalence amongst handicapped children of South Canara district, Karnataka. A Promising Combination for Robust Remineralization. DMFT index assessment cariogramw microbiological analysis of Streptococcus mutans in institutionalized patients with special needs.

Stress was found to be associated with high caries incidence. We think you have liked this presentation.


J Am Dent Assoc ; The main strength of this survey is the oral health examination among mentally challenged and visually impaired children; it can be cariogramz to work with blind children, because some of them defend themselves by not cariograms their mouths. A review of the literature. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. This study possesses the following methodological limitations that should be taken into consideration on generalizing its results:.

The cariogram is a denal picture illustrating in an interactive way the individualspatients risk for developing new dental caries in the future. Caries experience, Streptococcus mutansFluoridation programme and Buffer capacity of the saliva are the variables included in the Cariogram that presented significant correlation with the caries risk determined by this program.

Bacterial diseases Gross pathology Skeletal system. Similar procedures were followed for Rogosa SL plates, except that they were incubated in an anaerobic jar for 96 hours. This was a cross sectional study of a sample of 48 individuals, 39 women and 9 men, all first-year dentistry undergraduates at the University of Valencia.

The pie chart presentation with its different sectors makes it easier dentall patients to understand, so increases their motivation and their comprehension of the factors that are having or could have a negative effect on their oral health.


Mutans in saliva Salivary buffer capacity test.

The majority of disabled persons are poor and experience difficulties in accessing basic health services, including rehabilitation services. Validity of a dietary interviewing method for use in caries prevention.

Constantgroup, DMFT, streptococci count d. GIC Glass ionomer cement also used due to high fluoride content.

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Search the worlds information, including webpages, images, videos and more. This analysis cwriograma followed by Marascuilo procedure for within group comparison. Composition of human saliva, parotid gland secretory rate, and electrolyte concentration in mentally subnormal persons. Only few participants showed saliva secretion of less than 0. The special children who participated in the study were all institutionalized residents that possessed a weekly diet schedule.

Diet with relatively high content of sugars or other caries inducing carbohydrates. These scores were then entered into the Cariogram computer program to obtain the acriograma caries risk profile. Informacion sobre embarazo y exposicion a teratogenos.

The low correlation between Related diseases and the Circumstances sector risk is largely due to the youth of the sample and the absence of related diseases National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. High risk was entered under country, as India is a developing country and individuals are more prone to caries.