Please see the links below, is a commercial UV-Stabilizer,. products/cyasorb-uvf · UV stabilizers help prevent loss of key properties on exposure to sunlight. CYASORB THT stabilizers and CYANOX antioxidants CYASORB UVF. The CYASORB® product family includes the following UV stabilizers: CYASORB ® UV Series light stabilizers: a family of products based on hindered.

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Acting for our employees. High purity grades cyasrb the semiconductor industry. No dry dock required. Elemental Fluorine F2 technical grade. Acting for a sustainable business. Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 technical grade. How do we foster collaboration and research? Thanks to our advanced technology and superior Polyamide resin, we are proud to supply what we think to be the best polyamide flock tows in the world: Blue pigments is a key component in colour liquid crystal display LCD screens.

From science to solutions. Open access to extensive information about Solvay investment case, business operations, strategy, and financial performance. Anhydrite is an anhydrous compound – it does not chasorb water in its crystal structure, unlike other minerals.

FFF – Our graduate program. Strontium Nitrate is widely used in pyrotechnics. Chemical inertness, outstanding temperature resistance, low coefficient of friction, exceptional release xyasorb water repellent properties and outstanding heat resistance.

Your browser does not support iframes, but you can use the following cyzsorb It ensures unique benefits throughout optimized food functions and a genuine vanillin taste. High-performance polyketones tailored to fill cost and performance gaps between PEEK and other high-performance polymers. PVC degradation is caused by the catalytic dehydrochlorination during processing, exposure to UV light and general weathering conditions.

Barium fluoride BaF2 is used in aluminium-metallurgy, enamel and glazing frits production and the production of welding agents. Outstanding resistance to chemicals, UV light and fatigue along with exceptional barrier properties, scratch resistance and cyyasorb of processing. A new electronic grade hydrogen peroxide plant in Zhenjiang, China.


Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, committed to developing chemistry that address key societal challenges. Magic Additives for the Electronic 36338 Industry. It is a rapid acting oxidizing biocide, treating the sewage by removing pathogenic species while hydrolyzed in surface water. These versatile polymers possess the characteristic stability of fluoropolymers when exposed to harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments.

Barium Carbonate is manufactured from natural barium sulfate barite by reduction xyasorb petcoke and following precipitation with carbon dioxide.

2,2′-(1,4-Phenylene)bis(3,1-benzoxazinone) | C22H12N2O4 – PubChem

Vanilla is one of the best universal tastes, reminiscent of childhood while remaining trendy. Used for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, flat panels, photovoltaic panels and MEMS.

Potassium Cryolite K3AIF6 is used for the production of welding agents, blasting and pyrotechnics and for the production of abrasives. A wide range of cjasorb effective, high performance and sustainable coatings products.


These materials offer superior handling characteristics and exceptional molded surface quality. It is available in two forms: Industry-leading stabilization solutions for wide-ranging markets and applications.

Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company offering a portfolio of more than products across various key markets worldwide. New generation aseptic packaging machines require more effective and efficient hydrogen peroxide products engineered specifically for each machine type. Catechol, also known as pyrocatechol or 1,2-dihydroxybenzene, is an organic compound essentially used as building block.

Barium Hydroxide is available as Monohydrate and Octahydrate. It is available in an extensive range of particle sizes for a wide variety of uses. Discover Solvay best in class technology available for fire safety in textiles and garments: It can also be used as food additive Ei.


Celebrate Ernest Solvay’s vision for progress and innovation. Open access to extensive information about Solvay investment case, business operations, strategy, and financial performance. Improve efficiency of flotation separation processes for a wide range of ores and minerals. Solvay’s BPS body panel systems have been developed specifically to meet the needs of the automotive industry for supercar applications.

It is particularly useful in the applications for polyacrylic polyols, reactive diluent for radiation curable oligomers, coatings and inks. It is a highly efficient, cost-effective, pollution peak control and easy-to-deploy solution.

Adherence of charged particles to surfaces can create several issues in plastics and coatings applications.

CAS 18600-59-4 PET UV absorber, FUNDILIZER 3638 , CYASORB UV–3638 UV-3638

Developing new molecules based on TFAC and other compounds of our product range, is one of our key strengths. BHA Optimox is the perfect antioxidant designed for your feed and petfood applications. Solvay Engineering Plastics is a global leader in polyamide-based engineering polymers.

The product is an easy flowing powder and presents an optimized cost-in-use in food applications. Strontium Carbonate is the most widely used Strontium compound.


Kosher, Halal certified and non-GMO. Thanks to its versatility and non-hazardous nature, it is used in a diverse range of applications in Electronics, Metallurgy, Chemicals and Glass. Potassium fluoroaluminate KalF4 is used for the production of welding agents, the production of soldering agents yv for the production of abrasives. New Innovation and Technology Center.