PDF | On Jan 1, , Peter Robinson and others published Review of DAVID NUNAN: Designing Tasks for the Communicative Classroom. Cambridge. : Designing Tasks for the Communicative Classroom (Cambridge Language Teaching Library) (): David Nunan: Books. DESIGNING TASKS FOR THE COMMUNICATIVE CLASSROOM. David Nunan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Pp. x +

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They point out that a method and, in our case, a task will reflect assumptions about the contributions that learners can make to the learning process. We may find for example that having been given a typed copy of a language experience story to copy, students are too faithfully reproducing the typewriter’s letter shapes; or that the lack hunan lines on the typed sheet has not given them sufficient guidance as to where the letters they write should sit in relation to the lines on the page.

Rivers and Mary S. Within this perspective, I make one substantial departure from the ‘traditional’ approach to curriculum design. Or The learner will listen to a weather forecast and decide whether or not to take an umbrella and sweater to school. Making such decisions will always be partly intuitive and judgemental. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that meaning gor form are closely interrelated. Learning outcomes will be influenced by learners’ perceptions about what they should contribute, their views about the nature and demands of the task, and their definitions of the situation in which the task takes place.

It is also accepted that grammar is an essential resource in using language com- municatively.

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Listening to, reading, enjoying and responding to creative and imaginative uses of the target language e. Select the most appropriate first commumicative last sentences from the alternatives provided.

What aspects of communicative language use do you think learners might practise in carrying out these activities? Water holes dry up and cattle die of starvation and thirst.

In summary, then, let us note that successful listening involves: We have already noted that a conventional approach to syllabus design has been to produce specifications or inventories of discrete linguistic items to build into composite items in the learning programme. In recent years, this view has come under serious chal- lenge, and it now seems to be widely accepted that there nuban value in classroom tasks which require learners to focus on form.


Successful reading, then, involves: Alongside the practical aspects of the subject, I have tried to deal with theoretical issues in ways which are non-trivial, yet are accessible to non-specialists.

We now know that this is not necessarily the case, tzsks that learners can benefit from direct classroom practice in communicative interaction. Share your thoughts with other customers. Yet it could be argued that the learner’s attention is focused as much on the meaning as the form.

Issues tasjs to task difficulty and grading are taken up in Chapter 5. If so, can you suggest what these are? This is a skill which generally has to be learned and practised. Many of the tasks in the Bangalore Project would fall into this category.

Clark focuses on the sorts of uses to which we put language in the real world, while Pattison has a much more pedagogic focus.

Stating the time on a twelve-hour clock and a twenty-four-hour clock. To what extent are these real-world or pedagogic activities?

Designing tasks for the communicative classroom / David Nunan in SearchWorks catalog

In the next section, we shall consider this distinction in relation to the speaking skill. Prabhu Second language pedagogy: The broad distinction between general and specific outcomes can be applied to all four macroskill areas. Goal Type Example Communicative — establish and maintain interpersonal relations, and through this to exchange information, ideas, opinions, attitudes, and feelings, and to get things done Socio-cultural – have some understanding of the everyday life patterns of their contemporary age group in the target language speech community.

It’s going to rain tomorrow. Once these have been satisfactorily specified, the curriculum content is specified. The postal system Finding, naming or describing specific locations on a given map. Pictures and picture stories Many communication activities can be stimulated through the use or pictures e.

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He explained that he had very little time. Although it is not always immediately apparent, everything we do in the classroom is underpinned by beliefs about the nature of language and about language munan.

In their comprehensive analysis of approaches and methods in language teaching, Richards and Rodgers devote considerable attention to learner and teacher roles. We tend to assume that the way we look at a task will be the way learners look at it. In the next chapter we shall look in greater detail at the roles of teacher and learner as they are implied in different kinds of task.

Note the use of capital letters in the model sentences and then indicate where capitals are needed in the unpunctuated list. In addition, the purposes of reading should be the same in class as they are in real life: The ability to give an uninterrupted oral davie is quite distinct from inter- acting with one or more other speakers for transactional and inter- actional purposes.

The scheme presented by Morris and Stewart-Dore moves from extracting information, through understand- ing text structure, to going beyond the text and transforming and restructuring text content in some way. Questionnaire on sleeping habits Activity: These specifications have variously taken the shape of lists of forms, or functions, or notions, or particular skills.

Write a customer review. Use of English, pp. The land here is constantly dry and hot. In particular, we shall consider how what we know about the macroskills can be incorpor- ated into task design. Unfortunately, this takes time because the foe also has to recover.

There is also a feedback loop so that the results of the evaluation can be fed ddsigning into the curriculum planning process. Tick cclassroom statements which you classroomm the author would support.