What would happen to international politics if the dead rose from the grave and started to eat the living? Daniel Drezner’s groundbreaking book answers the. Book review. Theories of International Relations and Zombies. By Daniel W. Drezner. Princeton University Press, (U$ WATERLOO – A “zombie gap in international relations” must be addressed if humanity is to be safeguarded from the perils of the undead.

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I solemnly finished the book. Still, Drezner could’ve gone deeper into explicating ddezner theories without losing his audience. If you believe in such a doctrine then this is a straw man argument, whereas Drezner might argue he is using the absurd to illustrate the absurd -that is, people affected in military conflict zones will no more be inspired for or capable of self-liberation than zombies to regaining their vitality.

Daniel Drezner’s groundbreaking book answers the question that other international relations scholars have been too scared to ask. I am not sure how useful this would be for anyone looking for an introduction to International Relations Theory not much I guess but this book gives a good overall view of different ways the problem of Living Dead would be addressed.

Theory of International Politics and Zombies

So long as a wide swath of policy, actions, and motivations are considered, Theories of International Politics and Zombies makes a great companion to considerations of everything from democracies to despots. When measuring the success of Drezner’s work against its arguable weaknesses, the book is stil an excellent introduction if not the best introduction to the subject of international politics drezne to readers unfamiliar with the subject. Also scattered throughout the book, are interesting takes on the status quo sometimes stated more zojbies than others.

That is to say, there are a number of possible emergent norms in response to zombies. I’d recommend it to either a drezned of International Politics, or a fan of zombie literature, but I can’t really say a casual reader would become a fan of either just by reading Theories of Intl. Nov 22, Harrison rated it really liked it.


He would’ve been better off had he relied less on the fictional ‘primary” sources, and instead stuck to even more real zommbies examples. Two of my favorite quotes are as follows: Want to Read saving…. However, I think you’d have to be a very much MORE into international relations than I am and picking up on some of the subtle cleverness of his presentation, b very much LESS into international relations and the social sciences in general than I am, and have this as a true introduction, or c very much more familiar with the zombie canon to really love it.

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Drezner, however, is in no such hurry. Clearly, the zombie issue would cross borders and affect all states — so the benefits from policy coordination would be pretty zombles.

Theories of International Politics and Zombies

Therefore, the fundamental character of world politics would not be changed. After creating a human outpost in that place, humans in neighboring zombie-affected countries would be inspired to rise up zombiex overthrow their own zombie overlords. Instead, the tone and intention are described well in Zombie’s preface, where the author equates himself with a tour guide of American cultural schlock, whose goal it is “to provide a veritable font of knowledge” to the devout, while “acknowledg[ing] the absurdist nature of the experience.

The zombies hate us for our freedoms Indeed, citing several zombie movies, Drezner shows that human beings rarely develop a coordinated response when threatened by zombies — the same may apply to states. It also clarified the basic principles of some schools of international relations that I hadn’t been exactly clear on.

Refresh and try again. The forced analogies, drezneg cheesy jokes, the cuteification of charts and graphs with brushes and comic fonts, the cartoons, all steal away from the force and the message of the cover.


Theories of International Politics and Zombies by Daniel W. Drezner

I’ve never studied international relations are a theoretical discipline. This is a great introduction to international relations theory, particularly for undergraduate university students or those about to commence university and people with a general interest in the subject matter. Addressing timely issues with analytical bite, Drezner looks at how well-known theories from international relations might be applied to a war with zombies. Of course the introduction of the zombie is somewhat novel, but in many cases you can substitute “zombie” with “H1N1,” “SARS,” or “Ebola” and have a description of events in documented history rather than hypothesis meriting closer inspection.

Wouldn’t it be more likely that zombie infections would move more slowly like a regular plague, that people would be skeptical at first, that they would cooperate with each other to survive, and that governments would react like the human organizations that they are? I don’t agree with all of it to the letter, but the core is there, and though I would have preferred Drezner explained more of the critical theory part of the book I personally would have gone with the racial aspect of critical theory than feminism, but to each his ownultimately, I think it had good coverage.

But once each theory started being broken down into zombie terms and how each type 2. Author dreznef his level best in using contemporary movies like Shawn of the Dead and Resident Evil as reference material. It doesn’t get five stars because I wanted a bit more.