SnapMirror does not automatically convert existing DP-type relationships to XDP. To convert the relationship, you need to break and delete the existing. As was promised, here is how to solve this issue: It’s not enough just put PDF into LiveCycle Designer. You exactly need to design form in LC Designer. You can. You can contact [email protected] or contact Adobe directly at . Converting XDP’s to PDF’s is only the tip of the iceberg of what LiveCycle.

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Hottest ‘xdp’ Answers – Stack Overflow

Below is the code snippet that I am using: Expand “Output” section if not expanded already. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. You can use your PDF as template, but for all things which you want to fulfil by your custom data, you need to add objects in LC Designer take a look at the “Insert” menu, try Table or Text Field and add Save convret of your work as, for instance, Template. It will take to many words to describe all steps of process, just take a look at screenshots of result and notice variables also: As was promised, here is how to solve this issue: Add an application with new name and add a process to that application.


Email Required, but never shown.

Make sure “Rendered Form” to be picked up from variable. Michael Imhoff 41 2. Thank you for your answer. I’ve opened job at Odesk for this issue, I promise to post solution here to share knowledge with community.

I used pretty much the same code as you to create the base64 encoded image except that I included the line wraps which shouldn’t technically be needed: Mark it to be “input” variable.

We will use this to pass xdp file.

Converting an existing DP-type relationship to XDP

Automating deployment with Livecycle. Raghavendra Pandey 3. We have to send content of 2 files Template. Converh as a guest Name.

Then choose “inputXDP” from the dropdown.

You’ll need a clever system-administrator or just experienced in Adobe LiveCycle: Here is how to do it: Tilman Hausherr cnvert, 3 24 I went through the code where i was reading xml and sending call ti love cycle, and found that the encoding was missing. You can verify it through charles proxy. I still believe that this is likely a character encoding issue.

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If so, is there any step-by-step documentation? Thanks for the help. Any suggestions to how can I rectify that? Then choose “outPDF” variable from the dropdown. Sign up using Email and Xonvert.

The easiest way is to make sure your question mark is fonvert char 63 decimal. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Thanks for the options.


Add a variable of “Document” type and name it “inputXDP”. Can you got through my comment below for some added info cnvert share your views on that? There you can update the location of the new XSD file and this way you’ll preserve all the bindings.

Thanks to Thierry Stortenbeker for this application and for help and patience. Glad I could help. It seems the template bytes are not posted properly due to encoding issues perhaps. hkw

Convert PDF to XDP | Adobe Community

Also you now have the example of XML file – source of the data. LC service can parse the post request bytes into document, no problem there. If it’s a stream, it contains the entire XML document.

Most of my forms turn up good. You should not have to yo an application for changes to form only to occur. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Sign up using Facebook. Now most easy part – call this app by the Hkw request.