Jul 30, HylaFAX can support multiple modems and a heavy traffic load. If you expect to send more than a few facsimiles a day, then HylaFAX is the fax. To send multiple faxes, first you need to create a file that will have fax numbers per one line. Type it or do a database query. Winprint HylaFAX is a Windows print monitor designed to send its output directly to a HylaFAX Server. Once installed, you can print to a HylaFAX Server from.

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Next, I ran faxsetup and used all of the default options aside from area code and max pages. Do not share the printer.

HylaFAX Community Edition

Country Specific General For hopefully obvious reasons, the country code and dialling prefixes will vary by country. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. The driver found the fourth port on the card, but couldn’t use it because all four ports ttyS0-ttyS3 were already in use that’s what the “” error means.

See if these are busy signal. Also, an observation I made– faxcron seems to do its math wrong. If you just need to run it once. To account for this, I changed the following lines in the faxrcvd script: This only seems to be called if the owner requested, at the time they submitted the fax, to be notified. Sign up using Facebook.

Discussion HylaFAX, an sedn open source fax server.

Oreven better than that, use the utilities that come with HylaFax faxcron and faxqclean to clean everything! You can enter as “wide” of a network address as you like, or multiple narrower address entries. This will run the WHFC client after the install.


Send an email with the FAX attached. HylaFax last modified One of your fields should be the fax number, entitled ” fax.

sendfax(1) – Linux man page

Hyoafax scheduler on localhost. Press enter to answer yes faxsetup then asks permission to restart the hylafax server process. Assuming there were no errors, you will see a menu like the following: If you’d like to restrict access to specific users you can enter their individual IP addresses. Start typing your letter, hylafxa then at the point where you want to insert a field from your spreadsheet, select the appropriate field name from the “Insert Merge Field” pull-down menu.

It automatically detected my USR Sportster and added all the correct options. You may not need the username -or- password, in which case, you can leave password blank, but the username is always required, even if hylavax isn’t authenticated. To do so, and delete the individual log at the same time, add the following lines to the end of the faxrcvd script: Install GFax from apt-get install gfax 2. You’ll then be prompted to confirm these values by pressing Enter. This needs to be tested but: It is packaged in the form of a Windows Installer, which installs the required sets of.

Look into logs to determine if this is the case in your setup.

HylaFAX Open Source – Open Source Fax Software

Note that you may want to increase the time value for “Timeout when converting? The drop list might scroll, so it may not be obvious that it’s at the bottom of the list. Default is to just sent an email with a job number. Alternatively, suck in all of faxstat’s output into a php variable, and then parse out the data you’re looking for.


HylaFax sends out reports when your job succeeds or fails, etc. You can do it by: This program will let you control serial port better.

Notice that I have the faxcron program directing its output to the mail program so that a daily report is emailed to me. Press enter to answer yes Since we have not set up a modem already, faxsetup will prompt you to run ‘faxaddmodem’. You can list your pci cards by doing the following. If you tell it to purge things older than two daysit actually only purges things older than three days. Hylafax’s faxaddmodem seemed to have configured it correctly.

Fax sending and receiving is very time critical. Sign up using Email and Password. To account for this, I changed the following lines in the faxrcvd script:.

The commadial modifier causes the modem to pause while dialing ATD9, Pause and wait for dial tone: In the Project window, double-click ThisDocument and paste the macro code. Under Debian Squeeze this is plug-and-play.

Otherwise, when you send a fax to the server, hylafax will just sit there with the job doing nothing until nylafax kill time expires. Of course, name it whatever you want, preferably something that says, “hey, this is going to a FAX machine. This did not actually work, at least not if the job was sent via WHFC.

I know about faxstat -dbut it’s a report for all jobs and i can’t fetch that on php side. We decided that the second way would be best. Frog FaxMail – I tried Frogfax 1.