DownloadImmergas eolo star 23kw user manual. My Keyspan USB PDA adapter does in just five inches what Belkin has managed to attempt in three feet. write. EOLO Star 23 kW – Immergas. Views. 5 years ago. Eolo, · Domestic, · Input, · Nominal, · Boiler, · Valve, · Thermostat, · Burner, · Digital. Our compliments for having chosen a top-quality Immergas product, able to assure well-being DECLARES THAT: the Immergas boiler model: Eolo Star 24 3 E.

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Fumes pressure switch failure.

We recommend stipulating a yearly cleaning and maintenance contract with your zone technician. The Eolo Star 24 3 boiler has been designed for wall mounted installation or installation inside the wall using the recessed frame provided; they must be used to heat environments, to produce hot water and similar purposes. The resistance factor for individual components does not depend either on the type of boiler on which it is installed or the actual dimensions.

Pentru a regla temporizarea la alte valori, urmai instruciunile pentru setarea parametrului P7reglndu-l la una din valorile indicate n tabelul corespunztor acestui parametru. La punerea n funciune sau dup o inactivitate prelungit, poate fi necesar intervenia pentru a nltura blocarea aprinderii.

In order to guarantee the integrity of the appliance and the domestic hot water heating system in zones where the temperature falls below zero, we recommend the heating system is protected using anti-freeze liquid and installation of the Immergas Anti-freeze Kit in the boiler Par. Including metal clamp and wall fixing bracket. Positioning of double lip seals. Floor-standing cabinet, it can be installed outdoor. Centrala revine la funcionarea normal n momentul n care s-au refcut condiiile optime pe circuitul sanitar.

Town Gas Eoo – Industrial gas first family gas Range of values which can Parameter be set on – oF Standard setting P2 Heating ramp timing Activate anti-extruder function Range of values which can be set Parameter on Standard setting – oF P3 Domestic hot water post circulation function With the post circulation function active after domestic hot water flow, the pump remains on for 2.


La terminarea verificrilor funcia se dezactiveaz oprind i repornind centrala. ztar

Control Panel – Immergas EOLO Star 23 KW Technical Documentation Manual [Page 5]

A caldeira Eolo Star 24 3 foi projectada para uma Documents. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. The Eolo Star 24 3 E boiler is syar with an electronic modulation which adapts the power of the boiler wolo effective heat requests of the home. Verificai ca robineii radiatoarelor s nu fie toi nchii. Din acest moment centrala funcioneaz automat.

With support for placing on the floor. USER special extensions, enables routing through a wall thickness of mm with the left side outlet and with the right side outlet.

Piese immergas star centrale murale

In case of problems of fume condensate in the eooo pipes or on the outside of intake pipes, Immergas supplies insulated intake and exhaust pipes on request. Use of the boiler by unskilled persons or children is strictly prohibited. Dup racordarea centralei se va realiza umplerea instalaiei prin intermediul robinetului de umplere vezi figura de la pagina For solar installations managed with cascade and zone regulator two probes sta necessary.

Evacuarea fumului trebuie realizat ntr-un tub de fum colectiv special, de eolk LAS, proiectat n mod expres de ctre personal tehnic calificat, urmnd metodologia de calcul i prevederile normativelor tehnice naionale.

Take great care during this operation to avoid damage to the motor. By leaving the side plugs fitted, it is possible to install the appliance externally, in partially covered places, without the cover kit.

Eolo Star 23 kW

Intervention time must be less than 10 seconds. Presostat de minim instalaie de nclzire Pomp de circulaie The recessed frame kit Optional guarantees an adequate support only if installed correctly in accordance with the kmmergas of practice following the instructions on the instruction leaflet.

Refacerea presiunii n instalaia de nclzire The climate chronothermostat incorporated into the remote panel enables the system delivery temperature to be adjusted to the actual needs of the room being heated, in order to obtain the desired room temperature with extreme precision and therefore with evident saving in running costs. This solution can be easily integrated with its own optional kit. This prevents every calibration or precision adjustment of the boiler ignition phase in any conditions of use.


Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

Valv de gaz 4. Pentru racordare trebuie utilizate tuburi declarate corespunztoare de ctre constructor, urmnd modul de instalare i utilizare indicate de constructor i prevzute de normativele tehnice n vigoare. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Verificai pe manometru dac presiunea instalaiei este n limitele admisibile. Dozatorul de polifosfai reduce formarea depunerilor de calcar, meninnd n timp condiiile iniiale de schimb termic i producere de ap cald menajer.

Priz de presiune intrare valv gaz 6. The boiler does not operate correctly with the circulation pump on first speed. Conectnd un manometru diferenial tip U sau digital, la priza de presiune din amonte de valva de gaz i apoi nchiznd robinetul de izolare a centralei i dezactivnd valva de gaz, timp de 5 minute nu trebuie s existe variaii de presiune la manometru.

In Search of Wild Rivers. To be combined with the flanged stub-pipe for vertical outlet code 3. Director Design i Producie: Din acest motiv reglrile trebuiesc efectuate cu un manometru immergass cu tub U sau digital cu tuburile racordate la priza de presiune de la ieirea valvei de gaz i pe priza de presiune pozitiv a camerei etane.

The polyphosphate dispenser reduces the formation of lime-scale and preserves the original heat exchange and domestic hot production water conditions. Wall-hung and floor-standing with built-in storage tank. Check sealing efficiency of gas intake circuit. Pentru a accede la faza de programare este necesar s procedai astfel: For outdoor installations, in partially protected stxr and with direct air intake, the top protection cover must be fitted for a correct functioning of the boiler and to protect it from storms Fig.

For floor standing boilers: It is, however, conditioned by the temperature of the fluids that pass through the immergax and therefore varies according to applications for air intake or flue exhaust. Dac n timp de 10 secunde nu are loc aprinderea arztorului, centrala intr n starea blocare aprindere cod Try resetting the boiler.