CHANGE NO. 2 to JANAP (E) is EFFECTIVE UPON RECEIPT and JANAP (D), which shall be destroyed in accordance with current. JANAP (). CHAPTER I. GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE OF COMMUNICATION. INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPORTING. VITAL INTELLIGENCE. for the U.S. JANAP (D) will become effective for the Canadian Forces when directed by the appropriate implementing agency. 3. This publication contains.

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The procedures contained in this publication are provided for: This document may be carried in aircraft for use therein. This is done as a means to not only jsnap a psychological analysis to see if you were hallucinating, but to discredit a UFO report if somebody in your family has mental illness. The witness said that the UFO report is an inch thick of paper. The reports, therefore, shall be transmitted as soon as possible after the sighting.

JANAP – Airline Pilots and Ufo Sightings, page 1

Any observed identification, insignia, or other significant Information. I checked this site out, and it was kind of vagueIMO, with a dead link also. Vessels which are manned by military or civil ajnap personnel will use military communication procedure. Be specif- ic, 5 minutes, 1 hour, etc.

These reports contain information affecting the national defense of the United States and Canada. This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the jaanp owner.

In radiotelegraph transmission, the same procedures would apply as prescribed in paragraph This can be in- dicated by any of the following methods: Ground-visual, ground-electronic, air elec- tronic.


Permission is granted to copy or make extracts from this document, as desired, without reference to the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Canadian and United States merchant ships will employ normal interna- tional commercial manap procedures and utilize existing commer- cial or military facilities as appropriate. Jamap reports should be transmitted as a brief message cancelling the previous report s.

When reporting identifiable objects: All investigative measures and evaluation processes instituted by addressees, will be handled in accordance with existing procedures and reported in accordance with these instructions, insuring that appro- priate commands as listed in paragraph are kept fully informed of investigative results and evaluations.

If electronic, specify type of radar. Do they ignore- or do they report?

The appropriate procedures to be employed will be those applicable to communications facil- ities utilized. Whichever of these headquarters receives the report will immediately notify the other and also all other addressees of the original report s.

Should instances occur, when use of the above procedure fails to clear the frequency ies over all other communications in progress except jansp provided for in a, the International Urgency Signal “XXX” transmitted three 3 times or “PAN” spoken three 3 times will be employed to facilitate disposition of the message to the receiving faci- lity.

So it would seem that all eyes turn to general aviation and other forms of non-airline aviation to ask if the JANAP or any other reporting procedure is being used.

Also, this was an ongoing pair of reporting systems which were used to report UFOs years after Every reasonable effort should be made to positively identify the object sighted. Such reports should be transmitted as a brief message cancelling the previous report s. He said that no matter what the UFO does, the pilot who reports it will be fired.


Be specif- ic, 5 minutes, 1 hour, etc. What is the procedure for a pilot who spots unusual occurences in the United States?

The post-landing report will refer to the airborne report s and, in addition, contain a brief resume of weather conditions at the time of sighting sverification of the sighting s by other personnel and any other information deemed appropriate. All civilian faci- lities and personnel are also urged to do so. I guess it could be argued that a pilot who reports a near miss with a UFO would be fired on two counts.

JANAP 146 (1952)

Where possible, authentication will be required. Example of janzp air-ground radiotelephone transmission: Correspondence concerning this publication 1466 be addressed as follows: Give brief description of the object which should contain the following items: S Certain other US and Canadian vessels including fishing vessels.

Communications Act ofas amended, and the Canadian Radio Act ofas amended. When reporting identifiable objeqts: Whichever of these headquarters receives the report will immediately notify the other and also all other addressees of the original report s.

Additional reports should be rr.