CellChek C. High-grade model providing wide-field visualization of the cornea; including from limbus to limbus, endothelium to epithelium. •, High-resolution. Dystrophy, keratoconus, other corneal dystrophies and trauma. Konan’s specular microscopes are the global gold standard for precision assessment of the most. The CellChek XL™ delivers cellular level imaging of the corneal endothelium with the industry’s most comprehensive tools for cellular morphology and trending.

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The central corneal thickness of this aphakic eye was microns. A sample interpretive report can be found in Figure 2. Clinical Case Report The following case illustrates how specular microscopy makes a difference and can influence clinical decision-making.

Konan CellChek XL NSP Specular Microscope – Mandarin Opto-Medic Co

This means that 10, patients experience complications with what is usually a straightforward procedure. Specular microscopy enables you to accurately quantify the endothelial function, identifies patients who are potentially problematic pre-operatively, and facilitates the appropriate treatment of that case. Without specular microscopy, you could conceivably cause harm to this patient, leading to a cascade of issues including the eventual need for a corneal transplant.

Note that the corneal thickness of the right eye microns is thicker than that of the left eye due to corneal swelling.

A secondary consideration is that specular microscopy has clear value from a reimbursement perspective. Specular microscopy may be microscoep in situations in which the cornea is suspected of having an endothelial abnormality and in jicroscope the accuracy of the estimated cell count from slit lamp biomicroscopy is thought to be less than satisfactory.

Showing medical necessity can be achieved by the following: However, even with these advancements, corneal swelling associated with cataract surgery still occurs.

The microscope system includes 19″ touch screen, motorized table, and printer. This instrument offers optical pachymetry readings in addition to providing highly magnified images that are clear and reproducible. A secondary consideration is that specular Clearly, for corneal issues, deep lamellar keratoplasty patients, and cataract surgery patients, specular microscopy is both invaluable and reimbursable. The very formation spexular excrescences, deposits, or guttata alerts us to the fact micrlscope this cornea is more susceptible.

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The best eye doctor ever! Friday, March 20, Following these patients pre- and post-operatively is helpful in monitoring their response to any operative procedure. These lesions signify that they have taken over positions normally occupied by healthy endothelial cells, interfering with optimal function. The CellChek Specular Microscope represents the latest in specular microscopy providing robust clinical evidence, and patented analysis methods that can reliably assess even problematic endothelium.

CellChek XL™ Specular Microscope from Konan Medical USA Inc.

For these patients in particular, physicians need to understand the cornea from a morphological viewpoint. These folks are awesome.

Practicing without the CellChek is like flying speular plane with instrumentation only. The mucin layer is secreted by the glands of Wolfring.

The CellChek includes strong trends analysis to make robust use of minimum numbers of observable cells with advanced disease state corneas. This monolayer of cells is unique in that, in order to repair itself, the cells must slide or stretch to fill any gaps.

A Valuable Tool for the Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Disease: Konan’s CellChek

Automated Manual count – a dot is manually placed in each cell or among a group konsn cells to initiate a count Users can place a box around groups of cells and place a dot in each box. Distinctions of the CellChek XL Since the CellChek XL is a non-contact device, the examination can be conducted without the use of drops and without causing discomfort.

The system is used globally for routine clinical use including many of the leading medical and surgical applications such as: If any issues are discovered in the case history, biomicroscopy examination, or during the CellScreen examination, a complete CellChek examination can be performed and billed to the insurance company.


OphthalmologyWeb wants to hear from you. Should the patient be found to have a diagnosed condition, we charge a medical evaluation and management fee and bill the patient’s medical insurance using CPT Special anterior segment photography with interpretation and report; with specular endothelial microscopy and mjcroscope count.

Physical trauma can occur during cataract surgery or any other anterior segment intraocular surgery.

Over eight years ago, my friend John Coble, O. Most patients do not know that you must have a healthy endothelium to undergo any type of surgery to the eye. The results for both eyes are displayed simultaneously and the screening images are not saved.

CellChek XL™ Specular Microscope from Konan Medical USA Inc. – Product Description and Details

Diagnosing conditions in complex and difficult cases is happily becoming more commonplace with instruments such as these. Trends analysis is critical to to choosing treatment responses and understanding the progression or arrest of disease. This allows accurate re-assessment of specular data sample areas to trend cellular statistics over time, such as being able to assess and quantify over time, change in the cornea.

The world of ophthalmology is going completely automated. The lipid specularr of the tear film is produced by the conjunctival goblet cells.

Critical information such as this can change your treatment plan. The aqueous layer of the tear film is the thickest layer.